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726 Days

That Chad Smith is one busy gentleman - having to balance his jammed schedule as both a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot. And that's not even his full roster, as evidenced by Smith's funk/jam side project, the Bombastic Meatbats, who have just issued their first-ever live recording, 'Live Meat and Potatoes,' via Marmaduke Records, which is available as both a traditional CD and as a download, via the following links, respectively:




Consisting of drummer Smith, guitarist Jeff Kollman (from Cosmosquad), bassist Kevin Chown (Uncle Kracker, Tarja Turunen), and keyboardist Ed Roth (Coolio and Ronnie Montrose), the band first formed in 2008, and hails from Los Angeles.
The third record in the evolution of the Meatbats sound, 'Live Meat And Potatoes' captures the band in their most natural environment: in front of a live audience in an intimate setting. The band has found its sound after its first two studio releases, 'Meet the Meatbats' and 'More Meat.' LIVE is where they shine the brightest, featuring long extended jams that take the audience on a roller coaster ride of funk, rock and experimental madness of all sorts. had the great pleasure of catching up with Chad Smith for a phone interview while he was in New York for a short break from the Red Hot Chili Peppers' tour before heading back out to Russia.
The Bombastic Meatbats is a very freestyle, jazz, and funk rock project.  So the conversation pointed itself on the topic of Jazz from the get go.   As Chad explains,  "Jazz being our only real American music, it's something we're proud of and are happy to be experimenting with."    The live record is as live as it gets, and when asked how much focus is put on keeping the original structure of the songs live, Smith quickly states "Very little!   We improvise quite a bit.  In the solo sections, there is no set thing and everyone gets to express themselves.  That's a big part of what we do and excel at.  With no singer, you can strectch it out a little more and take it places and be dynamic.  The arrangement kind of goes out the window!"

Chad then takes us into a Bombastic Meatbats recording session.  "It's similar to how we play live, all in the same room together, with minimal overdubs and such.  Modern recordings sometimes takes the performance out of making records.  We write the songs in my home studio in Malibu called the Tiki Room.   Many times it's just us jamming and it's very organic the way it happens. 

Between the Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot (which features Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and guitar wiz Joe Satriani), Chad admits that he doesn't really write for the Bombasitc Meatbats until he actually gets it going with the other Meatbat members.  "It's important for me to have other musicians to bounce the ideas and grooves with.  I play a little but of guitar, but i do not write songs on the instrument."

"John Bonham was my favorite drummer"  says Chad.   "But I grew up in Detroit so I also had a lot of Motown influence."  However, the band also sites the legendary and mind blowing Return To Forever has an influence.  As Smith expands more on his influences, "Early on listening to all those english hard rock and blues bands like Led zep, Jimi Hendrix (his band was English), Deep Purple, Humble Pie and Queen.  Those bands all had really great drummers and were my early influences.  Once you get exposed to other music, everything comes into play.  As a teenager, you want to play a lot, you want to be like Neil Peart!  You go through that phase and you have fun to play.  After that you grow and mature as a musician and focus on becoming a musician and being musical.   The important thing is to have that personality that makes it you."

This live album was recorded at the "Baked Potato" club in Los Angeles in front of only 90 people.  A break from the packed arenas that Chad normally plays in. "It's fun to play in smaller venues.  There are some great venues to watch live music like the the Village Vanguard in NYC.  I've been in clubs in Japan where they were hard core jazz fans and they are into it!" 


Being an avid and long time Joe Satriani fan, I could not resist asking Chad about his experience with playing with the Satch man.  "It's hard to compare the musicians I've played with.  John Frusciante is probably the best overall musician that I played with.  Dave Navarro is a great guitar player.  As for Satriani, he is really great.  As far as just technique goes, he probably has the most technique and is very impressive to watch.  It was really fun playing with him in a rock setting.  It was really easy for all of us and we had loads of fun, like being teenagers again.  I know he enjoyed just being in a band where he wasnt the leader and he could just play guitar and do his magic."



Cheers to Chip Ruggeri for hooking up this interview. 






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780 Days


The Nashville based band Fools For Rowanrecently released their new single, “Killed a Man Today” off their fourth coming album Who Killed Amanda Day?  Lead vocalist Erin Mullins shared a track by track description / insight.

Killed A Man- We started playing this song live a while ago just to test the waters.  We knew immediately that it was special.  The crowd dug it from the get-go and we loved the energy and excitement that it brought to us on stage as well!  It's just BIG and I don't think I'll ever get tired of performing it!  Now we have a music video for it and it's really kind of taken on a life of it's own.

Refuge- The entire band co-wrote this song, so that alone makes it special.  Beyond that though, it is high energy from note one and it has more of a pop feel overall than any of our other songs.  This one might be my favorite to just listen to!  I remember when the whole record was done and we got to listen down track by track, I wanted to hit repeat on this one!

Crave- This one is brand spankin new!  I'm really excited for the fans to hear it because we brought Ryan in on some lead vocals, so it's actually more like a cool!  Kinda like with Chameleon, we just keep trying new things so that our music is always evolving and the fans stay happy!

Chameleon-  This song has evolved a lot from when we originally created it!  It just kept wanting to grow and spread its wings.  We stepped outside the box when we added dubstep in the bridge, but that's the thing about good music, the good stuff always finds its way out of the box! 

You Can't Stop Me- This song is really personal to me.  When I'm singing this one I am literally proclaiming and believing it!  It is so powerful!!  I hope that other people feel the same way about it.. like they can do anything!

Leave- Totally stripped down, as raw as you can get, and completely emotional.  In the past, most of our songs have had me belting out the highest of notes but this song is the polar opposite of that.  It's completely lyrically driven and once again, is something new and different for us.

Thanks to Amanda Blide from LaFamos for hooking this up.


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910 Days


EMI Music Label Services/Caroline Distribution is celebrating its fourth year of bringing metal to the masses with the March Is Metal Month (MIMM) retail campaign which kicks off in physical and digital music stores around the country on March 1. is proud to be taking part and are offering some great metal albums, new and classic at this location.

To celebrate the "March is Metal Month" initiative, fans who download any featured album, or pick up any of the t-shirts included in the promotion will receive a Free March Is Metal Month 2012 CD sampler mailed to them.   The track listing is stellar and continues the tradition of working with the best rock labels to showcase top tracks from their roster of talent.  This year's sampler includes the tracks 'Undaunted' from Adrenaline Mob's upcoming album 'Omerta'; Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah's 'The Demon's Name is Silence' and Five Finger Death Punch have added their previously digital-only release 'The Tragic Truth'. Fans of Southern hardcore metal band Corrosion Of Conformity are in for a treat with their track 'The Money Changers' also included - their first release in 25 years.   See full track listing below.


In addition to the sale items, Free CD, the kind folks at EMI USA sent us a truly metal package, full of prizes.  Contest ends March 31, and the lucky winner will receive:

Suicide Silence - Autographed The Black Crown 11x17 posters
Warbringer - signed Worlds Torn Asunder 11x17 posters
Winds Of Plague - signed 18x24 Against The World posters
Vampires Everywhere! - signed 18x24 Kiss The Sun Goodbye Posters
Five Finger Death Punch - War Is the Answer skate decks (obama art)
Five Finger Death Punch - mechanics shirts
Motorhead - The World Is Yours Blk T-Shirts
Eluveitie - autographed 35in (height) x 23in (width) Eluveitie posters ?(EXCLUSIVE for MMM!)

Enter contest here!



1.  Adrenaline Mob – Undaunted (2012 Elm City Music, LLC)            
2.  Lacuna Coil – Kill The Light (2011 Century Media Records Ltd.)                   
3.   Five Finger Death Punch – The Tragic Truth (© 2011 Prospect Park)                        
4.   Meshuggah – Do Not Look Down (2012 Nuclear Blast GmbH / Warner Chapell Publishing)               
 5.  In Flames – Where Dead Ships Dwell (2011 Century Media Records Ltd.)      
6.   Corrosion Of Conformity – The Money Changers (Abstract Sounds Ltd & Tanglade Ltd.)               
 7.  Iced Earth – Anthem (2011 Century Media Records Ltd.)             
8.   3 Inches Of Blood – Leather Lord (2011 Century Media Records Ltd.)                    
9.   Woods Of Ypres – Lightning & Snow (2012 Earache Records Inc)               
10.   Epica – Storm The Sorrow (2012 Nuclear Blast GmbH / Prophecies Publishing)                   
11.   Savage Messiah – Plague Of Conscience (2012 Earache Records Inc)                      
12.   Rise To Remain – The Serpent (2011 Century Media Records Ltd.)           
13.   Vildhjarta – Dagger (2011 Century Media Records Ltd.)                
14.  Sophicide – The Art Of Atrocity (Willowtip)                        
15.   Terrorizer – Subterfuge (2012 Season of Mist)                  
16.   The Devastated – The Devil’s Messenger (2011 Century Media Records Ltd.)    
17.   Insomnium – Meandering Through The Shadows (2011 Century Media Records Ltd.)    
18.   Lord Mantis – Perverter Of Will (Abstract Sounds Ltd & Tanglade Ltd.)  

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955 Days


British band Enter Shikari combine hardcore metal, complete with riffs that make you want to jump up, memorable choruses, and unlike most metal bands, a large dose of Electronica, trip hop elements.  Their new album "A Flash Flood of Colours" is released Jan. 17 and their first single "Sssnakeput" is already gaining them much deserved attention and praise. 

Crank it up!  Here is the video of "Sssnakepit" by
Enter Shikari  

Download their album for only $7.99. 

We caught up with lead vocalist Rou Reynolds for an interview.  Hope you enjoy.

The single Sssnakepit is gaining lots of momentum and well received by fans.  Tell us about how the song came about and what it's been like playing it live so far.

Sssnakepit was one of the last songs to be written for the new album but it felt right for the first song to be released. It's obviously a real fast moving, feel good song, and hopefully an injection of positivity for any listener. The song came from feeling down in some sort of dip in your life, feeling like your surrounded by snakes only caring about making money or material things etc, it's about concentrating on compassion and treasuring friendships and bouncing back. It's been great to play live, not only for it's ferocity but it's a very visceral track lyrically too, so it's a great outlet.

There are 2 remixes of Sssnakepit on the release.  How much control do you give the remixers?  

If someone's remixing one of our tracks they have total control. I think it's quite important to let go at that point. Obviously we'll tell them if we aint feeling something but at the end of the day we only pick producers/DJ's that we respect anyway so they usually come up with the goods without any debate.

Has the band ever been asked to remix songs from other bands?  Would that interest you?

Well i have my side project 'Rout' which is more straight up Drum & Bass and Dubstep. I've been lucky enough to remix a whole host of bands and other producers/DJ's. I really enjoy it, there's obviously a little less pressure with things like these.

What other songs on the album are you expecting a crazy reaction on the live set?

I really can't wait to play every song on this album live. I think with a bit of work they're all going to translate really well to a live show. I think 'Gandhi Mate, Gandhi' will particularly send the crowd nuts though, as well as 'Hello Tyrannosaurus, Meet Tyrannicide'.

You have been touring with bands that have a slightly different sound and feel than Enter Shikari.  Can you describe the reaction of the fans between
yourselves and the other bands?

We've always felt slightly out of place on almost every bill we've played!

That's not something that's ever really bothered us though.  The reactions usually the same from the people that are there to see us, heaps of enthusiasm and energy. If people are watching us for the first time though it usually means a sea of confused faces almost to the point that they look slightly constipated, but we can deal with that now, it was a little strange at first. And if they truly were constipated, it's nothing a little of our sub bass couldn't help 'free up'.

Personally, I am a fan of certain electronica and acid jazz artists.  Can you touch on some of those artists that have influenced your sound, or that you simply enjoy listening to.   

Well obviously there countless artists but at the moment i'm listening to a lot of more chilled out stuff being at home and relaxing...
The outstanding progressive classical guitarist Erik Mongrain, some delicate clever electronica from Alphabets Heaven and some truly inspirational awesomeness from our favourite producers Noisia.

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975 Days

Every once in a while, we offer the chance for fans to discover new talent in the metal community.  This time around, the band Thousand Year Rain is the featured artist.  We hope you enjoy the music, and the introduction to the band!  AM

Thousand Year Rain's Witchery and Bloodshed - song by song desciption.
By Thomas Sankt of Thousand Year Rain

When music is written with careful purpose, the meaning won’t be obvious; it will just be absorbed. That’s what transforms chords into moods. But when music is written with visceral abandon, the meaning can’t be denied. That’s what turns anthems into lifestyles.

For me that anthem was (and is) Slayer’s “Raining Blood.” There’s just no way to argue its homicidal magnetism. When Tom Araya barks, “Now I shall reign in blood!” you actually believe him. You’re not quite sure how he’s going to do it, but you know it won’t be pretty.

Pound for pound, no one else has been able to channel that kind of savagery with the same degree of blunt force. Which is what makes the precedent of Reign in Blood so significant. In the 70’s, Black Sabbath brought a sludgy horror-laden groove to the disaffected. In the 80’s, Slayer sped it up, fed it some Anadrol, and made it angry — really, really angry. And the only band that’s even come close since then is Lamb of God. Though just between you and me, Slayer is still way heavier \m/. Unless, of course, Randy Blythe is reading this right now; in which case, Resolution is a goddamn masterpiece!

That said, rage isn’t the only thing that inspires sweaty little outcasts to pick up Flying V’s. Sadness can be equally powerful, and the beauty is that it’s far more confessional — sometimes disturbingly so. Alice in Chains captured it brilliantly in the 90’s, and given what became of Layne Staley, it’s clear they weren’t faking.

So that’s where my second album, Witchery and Bloodshed, ultimately falls — someplace between Reign in Blood and Jar of Flies. Does it sound exactly like them? No. But that’s because I draw on influences, not formulas. And besides, it would probably make for one hell of a weird mishmash. Slayer in Chains doesn’t really roll off the tongue very nicely.

Or does it?

Either way, the following song-by-song breakdown gives a glimpse into the making of Witchery and Bloodshed. The actual stories behind the riffs and/or lyrics might take too long because I’d have to dial up the social lepers I call friends and ask them to remind me what I was thinking between gut-churning swigs of Boone’s Farm. And since I’ve yet to fully recover from the hangover, that kind of thing is going to have to wait until the next article.

So without further ado, here are my favorite tracks from the album:

Pale Morning
The first song I wrote for Witchery and Bloodshed. Knew right away that I wanted to start with something deceptively calm. At 2:05, I think it fits the bill without drifting aimlessly into self-indulgence.

Inherit Death’s Machine
Recorded a few days after the untimely death of a close friend. Helped to assuage the pain.

Re-written several times before the final version materialized. As always, I was won over by the juxtaposition of driving rhythms and overstated guitars. Kind of reminds me of Nile for some reason.

Eyes Closed Under A Cold Grey Sky
Swaying acoustic melodies, intricately woven orchestral adornments — what’s not to love? Could’ve easily been written by The Cure. In fact, it probably was. I’m not all that original. But the harsh reality is that I lost another friend to cancer shortly after Witchery and Bloodshed was released; and this song reminds me of him. Rest in peace, K.D.H. You will be missed.

A Shadow No Longer Cast
The only thing I like more than grim, hard driving death metal is grimmer, harder driving death metal. Amon Amarth will be proud.

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981 Days

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995 Days

FREE 15 song Metal Sampler from E1 Metal!   Download album here

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1046 Days

Courtesy of Nuno Ribeiro of HeavyHardMetalMania

Australian Blackened Metallers MEMORIA have today released their third full-length album entitled “Death Calls The Islands”, which the band describes as a “a guitar-driven album that is simultaneously beautiful and ugly”, via Daniel Vrangsinn’s Misantrof ANTIRecords.    The album will be available both in physical format as a CD, and, in keeping with Misantrof’s philosophy, as a high quality MP3 download , which can be downloaded free from the Misantrof website.

Following 2008’s experimental noise album “Memorioquia : Auradeutung”,  MEMORIA have prioritised the heavier aspect of their sound,  and “Death Calls The Islands” is a stunning, moving mix of black metal, death metal and classical guitar traditions.  Founding member Jonathan Carroll (guitars, vocals, sound design, synthesiser) says of the release: “I see this album as the very unique product of having immersed ourselves in European underground music… letting these influences exist in our minds and then creating without trying to emulate anyone or anything”. MEMORIA draw on a vast range of influences, from EMPEROR, ULVER, DHG and MINISTRY to the sound designs of DAVID LYNCH and the modernist fiction of CORMAC MCARTHY. The abstract, surreal lyrical content of “Death Calls The Islands” deals with isolation and alienation, themes which also find themselves manifested in the album’s unique artwork. Created by Australian artist Danielle Freakley from moulded octopus tentacles, the piece represents “the strange beauty and ugliness that reside within us as human beings, and the primal world from which we are not too far removed”.

The partnership with Misantrof ANTIRecords, founded in 2007 by Daniel Vrangsinn (VRANGSINN, CARPATHIAN FOREST, SECHT etc.) was a logical one for MEMORIA. Given that the band is experienced in producing its own material, Misantrof’s approach of letting the bands have full creative control of their own work proved to be a great fit.  “To be part of an evolving, independent artistic entity such as Misantrof fits perfectly with our values and was not a hard decision,” says Jonathan, “We create music because we love this art form and no one in MEMORIA wanted this tainted by the nastiness of financial or commercial considerations.  Misantrof surpasses pathetic considerations about how to sell things that are genuinely different”.  For his part, Vrangsinn is extremely pleased to be releasing “Death Calls The Islands”, and has high hopes that it will be received with as much acclaim as 2010’s breakaway Misantrof release, “Death Reclaims The Earth”, by Turkish Black Metallers EPISODE 13.

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1078 Days


Guitarist Dave Bates and vocalist Margarita Monet formed Edge Of Paradise in 2011, while working on another musical collaboration "for hire" with a producer in Los Angeles.  Dave has been writing music for some time, collaborating with talented songwriters, Robin Mcauley (MSG, Survivor) and Ryan Jones, which left the two with a vast library of music to pull from. With a little creative magic between Dave and Margarita, the sound of Edge Of Paradise was born.

We have the pleasure of being the only place online where Edge Of Paradise will be releasing their debut album entitled "Mask".  Below is an interview with Monet and introduction to the band. 


 Tell us about the band.

We are metal. The music is aggressive, guitar driven, with powerful, melodic vocals. We like odd time signatures, but don't make it too obvious because we focus on the groove and catchy hooks. We call our sound, "industrial melodic chaos". The first CD "Mask", sets our soundscape. 

You guys formed in 2011, not very long ago.  How did you manage to get the album ready in such a short time?  Were the songs already written before the band formed?

Yes, we jumped right into writing and recording "Mask" after we played a couple of shows together, and decided that we want to take this band as far as it can go. "Mask" came together so fast because Dave has a huge collection of musical choices. He was writing material for a while, with Robin Mcauley and cutting edge songwriter, Ryan Jones. We  picked a bunch of songs that we liked and rewrote most of them to give them our feel. Then I had a lot of ideas that I wanted to contribute, and the process moved along very smoothly once the sound was established. 

You mentioned the magic between you and guitarist Dave Bates.  What was it about it that made it work, and more importantly, that you believe will make it work for the long term?

It was interesting, because we met, working with a producer on a song for hire, and he was trying to turn me into a pop artist, so it was a difficult experience, I think if we could make it through that, we can make it through anything. 

And Dave is a music making machine, he comes up with really cool riffs, can get any sound out of his guitar, throw in a virtuoso solo and put everything together with taste and style. It's really inspiring to work together, we feed each other ideas and build upon them together. We already have some really cool stuff in the works, so I'm really excited for the future. 

Any tour plans?  

Yes, performing the music live is what we love to do! Right now we're playing shows locally till the end of the year and promoting the album. We're planning a US tour for the beginning of 2012,  and look to expand to Europe and other parts of the globe from there, we want to play as much as physically possible. 

Will you be playing keys live or just lead vocals?

Mostly lead vocals. The only song I will be fully playing keys on is "Shredenstein", the others, not so much. I originally wanted to do it, but it would be physically impossible to play the keyboard and do everything I want to do while singing the songs. We might feature the keyboard more in the future, but for now, it was primarily used to give us the industrial edge. 

The song "Thrown It All Away" has a very sing along catchy chorus to it.  Tell us about that song, how it came about, etc…

Thank you! Dave had a riff to the song for a while,  him and Robin wrote the song together, tweaked it a lot and eventually came up with the right melodies. There was a lot of work and time put into this song, so when i came along, it was already complete.  It was actually the first song we recorded, and was the easiest to finish,  all we had to do was record the vocals, and just really polish the mix to get the sound that we wanted out of the song.

The album, in my opinion, is well produced and contains some solid tracks.  It has potential to make some noise.  What are your expectations for the band in the next 6-12 months?  And in the next 2-3 years?

Thank you! We worked hard on the CD. We spent a lot of time producing the tracks and making sure they are represented in the best possible light. We wanted this album to introduce the band and establish the sound. So in the next 6-12 months, we expect to play a lot, promoting the CD, and to release more material that we are already writing. In the next 2-3 years, we look to play and spread our sound globally, we hope to be an established band, like the big bands we grew up listening to, and continue to release more music! 

We really like Loudtrax, it's really cool that it specializes in our type of music! We look forward to releasing the music video for Mask in the next couple of weeks and are excited to see where this album takes us!


Download the debut album "MASK" exclusively on at this location



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1080 Days



Dream Theater: A Dramatic Turn Of Events

BY JAMES BINGHAM – SEPTEMBER 11, 2011. Courtesy of

Download the album at

Dream Theater has got something to prove. They – and a million other bands – will swear up and down that everything they do they do for the fans. And while that’s true to an extent, "A Dramatic Turn of Events" (and how dramatic they’ve been) has got to be about more. With the departure of Mike Portnoy – who’s arguably been running the band for some time now – Dream Theater has got to prove that it can hang tough, that it’s not going disappear into the ether along with Betamax, the new Coke and other obscurities people only reference in reviews like this.

So the gauntlet’s been laid down. Actually, it was laid down a year ago when Portnoy first announced he was leaving the band. Well, the album is finally upon us and now it’s time for some straight talk. Dream Theater delivered the goods. And not only that, they’ve delivered their strongest album since "Scenes from a Memory," more than a decade ago. And the haters – true to their name – are going to hate that. "The band’s lost its soul! Portnoy was a founding member!" they scream, conveniently ignoring the fact that John Petrucci and John Myung are also founding members, and that James LaBrie’s been in the band for so long he might as well be grouped with the rest of them. Portnoy may have been the most active with the fans, but that doesn’t mean he was single-handedly writing the music.

But after only a single listen of this new album, it’s obvious he was pushing it very hard in a certain direction. And now that he’s gone, the band has returned to a fuller, warmer sound. It’s something that’s been missing for quite a while, and it’s not until you hear it again that you realize how much you missed it. There’s a lot to look out for, so I’d like to hit the highlights, what stuck out most to me in my first few listens.

The album opens with the new single "On the Backs of Angels " which any fan worth their salt has listened to already, so we’ll skip ahead to the next track, "Build Me Up, Break Me Down." If any track could be said to bridge the gap between the old Dream Theater and the new, this is it. With its electronic drumbeat intro and screaming chorus, this may be the album’s most "mainstream" track, although the sound is very distinctly Dream Theater. There’s a really great orchestral backup that builds to an eerie outro and the sound of galloping horses.

This is the beginning of "Lost Not Forgotten," and the first time the band really comes together and shines. It kind of took me by surprise, because when I listened to the minute-long clip that was released a few weeks back, it sounded more like "Black Clouds & Silver Linings" than anything else; something a lot like "A Nightmare to Remember," which is to say same old same old. And while the chorus is very driving, it picks you up and carries you along with it. The only word I can think of to describe it would be "soaring." The song’s also got a very proggy breakdown in the middle – think the very best bits of "Octavarium" and "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" – before picking up that chorus again and taking us out.

Things slow down a bit with "This is the Life." This song, "Far From Heaven" and "Beneath the Surface" I felt were all very much of a piece. Actually, you can separate the entire album between its down- and up-tempo tracks. And it seems like there’s just the right number of each. I think these slower songs will appeal to those who haven’t been too impressed with the band’s work in that arena these past few albums.

"Bridges in the Sky" goes slightly Tool in the beginning with a weird shaman-who-swallowed-a- didgeridoo-chanting intro. Dream Theater’s been writing music for close to 30 years that stylistically has all been very similar, so I won’t begrudge them going off the reservation a bit and doing something so weird. This song is kind of a microcosm for the entire album, in that it strikes just the right balance between hard and soft. We’ve got the driving double bass and hard guitar rhythms, which seamlessly move into these beautiful choruses.

"Outcry" is definitely ADTOE’s beat-you-over-the-head technical masterpiece, a song that’s really got it all. Syncopated rhythms. Crazy solos. You notice this with the lyrical sections throughout the entire album, but I think it’s especially true here: LaBrie’s solo projects have definitely rubbed off. There’s a very strong Leonardo vibe here, although this album possesses a warmth that album didn’t (which isn’t to say I didn’t dig it). As for the music, there’s so much crazy switching off between Petrucci, Rudess and Mangini that I can’t wait to see them pull this one off live.

For my money, "Breaking All Illusions" is the winner; this album’s "Learning to Live." It’s also the first song John Myung has written lyrics to since "Fatal Tragedy" on "Scenes." While "Lost Not Forgotten" and "Outcry" showcase some darker flavors, "Breaking All Illusions" hits the lighter side. There’s some great back and forth between the guitars and keyboards. The entire song has got a very strong YES and Marillion vibe, but it never feels like it’s wearing these inspirations on its sleeve. The whole things ends in typical DT fashion, very epic, lots of pounding drums. This particular song feels more like the end of a soundtrack than a rock album. But there’s still more to come.

The band has done something here they haven’t done since "Awake." They reel things in and end the album with the much lighter "Beneath the Surface." This one is like a ballad plus some with Jordan’s Moogy solo in the middle, a reminder that these guys take different musical styles and make them their own. It was kind of the perfect note to go out on, and displayed a quiet confidence that we really haven’t seen in a while.

So they did it. If we’re looking at the band post-"Scenes," I loved "Octavarium," but I LOVED this album. It’s bigger, it’s fuller, it takes the band in a new direction while paying homage to the old school Dream Theater we’ve all been eulogizing these past few years. And none of that is a knock against Mike Portnoy. He’s a great drummer, and with DT he accomplished great things. They made great music together and we’ll always have that. But I think it had just gotten to a point where he was holding them back. And if "A Dramatic Turn of Events" is the album they put out after he leaves, I wish he had left after "Octavarium." It’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say, but as the saying goes the proof is in the pudding. Dream Theater’s epic, proggy pudding. We’ve heard them say for years that they thought the band’s best years were ahead of them, but we never really believed it. But after this, I have a feeling they may be right.

Download the album at

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1084 Days

Haling from California by way of Georgia, up-and-coming metallists Brute Forcz are multi-faceted headbangers – in addition to rocking furiously on their new, Bob Kulick-produced debut EP, 'Kick Ass Heavy Metal,' two of their members are former professional wrestlers.

Jammer and Slammer (a pair of twins who handle vocals/bass and drums, respectively) have wrestled alongside Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Abdullah the Butcher, and have won first tag-team belts at Georgia All-Star Wrestling. Also, the pair are known for landing acting gigs, their latest being a part in the upcoming Adam Sandler movie, 'Jack and Jill.' Rounding out the group is guitarist Will Wallner, and as far as future plans, Jammer already has some ideas. "To go as far as we can, to tour as much as possible, and to hit you with BRUTE FORCZ!"

The band's debut E.P is out now on Rock, Metal, Punk download site LoudTrax.comClick Here to download.

The band offered us a track by track description, here is it below.









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1099 Days



WANT METAL!? teamed up with legendary Metal label, Century Media Records to offer all you metal heads some awesome albums for a, $7.99 or less.  Support Metal, support your favorite bands, and save. Sale ends this Wednesday, Aug. 31.  

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Stay tuned for more METAL Sales happening throughout Summer and Fall!



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1109 Days

Death / Thrash Metal band Revocation returns with a new album of masterful modern metal in Chaos of Forms. Unforgettable songs bend, stop, twist, and shred at virtuosic levels while exploding with frenetic energy. As future classics "Cradle Robber", "Dissolution Ritual", "No Funeral", "Cretin" and more show, each aspect of the band has been honed to deadly perfection and brings to fruition the promise that (the previous full-length) Existence Is Futile hinted at. Chaos of Forms proves beyond doubt that Revocation  are masters of their craft and metal’s finest new band.

Guitarist David Davidson and bassist Anthony Buda offered an in depth song by song description. We are also proud, once again, to offer the exclusive lowest price online! Download the Chaos of Forms album here for only $6.66. As much as we hope you'll buy the download on our site, we should mention that this album also comes in a beautiful 2 LP set. You can buy that at the Relapse Records site here.

Below are the personal song notes by David and Anthony.

1. Cretin - Dave - We kick off the record with a really spidery riff and the shred doesn't let up till the end. There's a lot of cool twists and turns in this one, the riffage is reminiscent of bands like Anata and Gorod and the solo section sounds like Annihilator meets Motley Crue. Lyrically the song is about a deformed circus freak who is put on display and tormented in a twisted sideshow to the delight of the crowd. In a very general way it's about how members of our society tend to ostracize those who they deem to be "different" and once they've identified a scapegoat, how unrelentingly cruel they can be to that individual.


2. Cradle Robber - Dave - This song's a real headbanger and super fun to play. It thrashes, grinds, and most importantly rocks the fuck out! The solo section is again inspired by Annihilator ( What can I say? I'm a total Jeff Waters fanboy) and is the first song on the record to feature the shredding skills of our 2nd guitarist Dan. After the duel solo attack subsides there's some groovy riffs, a rad bass solo and then more rocking ensues. The lyrics for this song were inspired by a super creepy statue that I saw in Denmark when we were on tour in Europe last year. The statue is of Death cradling a child and a mother crying at his feet. We had the inscription on the statue translated and it came out to "Death took her child into unknown land" Yeah, I'd say that's good fodder for a heavy metal song.


3. Harlot - Dave -Super pissed and hateful throughout. The verse riff is in 7/8 but still manages to have a pretty straightforward groove. The chorus is totally crushing and to mix it up we threw a funky wah wah groove section in the middle to break up the aggression. 


4. Dissolution Ritual  - Dave - Dissonant and sexy, that's how I would describe this song. It starts off totally pissed but has little hints of Latin flavor in between the verses. For the solo we totally embrace that sound and go into an extended Latin section in 5/4 

When we incorporate sections like this we really want it to sound sincere and not just thrown in there for the hell of it. We enjoy fusing other influences into our music, but at the end of the day it has to add something to the song otherwise it sounds forced or contrived. 


5. Conjuring the Cataclysm - Dave - I wrote the intro to this one when I was studying counterpoint at Berklee. Funny how a little exercise evolved into a whole song. This is the slowest song we've ever done and adds a nice change of pace to the record. Musically it has hints of black metal and neoclassicism strewn throughout. Lyrically the song is about a necromancer raising an army of the damned. Metal. 


6. No Funeral - Anthony - No Funeral is a high-energy, anthemic track that dissects the glorification of exploitation in a culture controlled by corporations, and proposes a defiant stance rooted in self-analysis and ego dissociation. Dave - It's also chock full of anger and harmonized tapping. Collectively this may be everyone in the band's favorite song. 


7. Fractal Entity - Dave - This instrumental revolves around 1 riff that is constantly shifting and changing. We mix up the bass notes here and there and add different rhythmic variations to keep it interesting throughout. It was a fun challenge to try and come up with as many permutations as possible using only one riff and forming it into a song without making it sound like an exercise.


8. Chaos of Forms - Anthony - The lyrics to 'Chaos of Forms' narrate the bizarre tale of someone who has been unknowingly implanted with an extremely powerful chemical hallucinogen.  The protagonist describes his vivid out-of-body experiences, strange distortions in visual perception, and feelings of physical dysmorphia. Dave - This is the craziest Revocation song ever written, period. The intro riff is totally off the wall and it's got some really cool syncopated drum parts in the verse. It also has a really beautiful sounding clean section that builds into an epic climax. There's a little something for everyone in this song.


9. The Watchers - Dave - This song takes the listener on a lot of twists and turns. The intro is death metal through and through and as the song develops we totally change the vibe and it turns into an all out rockfest. It's got a rad horn section, a ripping hammond organ solo and then a playful neo classical lead. By the time the listener knows whats happening we shift gears back to a death metal onslaught till the end. Anthony - The lyrics of 'The Watchers' are rooted in Lovecraft-ian mythology, describing a race of ancient incorporeal demon-mystics that act as intermediary between our world and the waiting Elder Gods, who plot their eventual return and dominance of human realms.


10. Beloved Horrifier - Dave - This song is an all out thrash assault. It has a little nod to Judas Priest in the main riff and then it kicks into high gear for the verse. The solo is total Slayer worship, with tons of whammy abuse and squeals. I figured what better subject matter for a song like this than total nuclear annihilation. 


11. Dethroned - Dave - Another very diverse song with elements of hardcore and prog. The verse is driving and there's some acoustic layered parts to add a little texture. The outro has a super groovy riff in 7/8 that just keeps building and building until it culminates with a killer drum solo from Phil. 


12. Reprogrammed - Anthony - Technological progress speeds forward at a rapid pace.  Both simple and complex aspects of our daily activities and interactions are becoming ever-increasingly integrated with high-tech tools.  Propagandizing media sources influence our consciousness with more power and more frequent interjections than ever before. We're becoming reprogrammed. Dave - This song is heavy.


Thanks to Betsey, Bob and Pat at Relapse Records.



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1121 Days



$6.66 METAL BLADE RECORDS SALE!  Browse Titles here

WANT METAL!? teamed up with legendary Metal label, Metal Blade Records to offer all you metal heads some awesome albums for a very metal price, $6.66.  Support Metal, support your favorite bands, and save.  SALE ENDS August 8, 2011.

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Stay tuned for more $6.66 Sales happening throughout Summer and Fall!





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1130 Days

Bullet Tooth Records is excited for today's release of the debut album "Inheritors" from Serianna!  Fans can get a preview of the song "Fragments" (Pre Production) at their Facebook page and Download the album at who has the exclusive low price of $6.66.  Below is an interview with the drummer Chris Ferraro and bassist Lee Milbrandt which took place prior to the albums' release.

Serianna is navigating past its peers in pursuit of something worth preserving, systematically through the muddy gridlock of the current independent music scene. This metal-core squad continues to refine their unique sound while maintaining a solid reputation as one of the region’s most exciting and energetic live acts.  Boasting determination as their greatest attribute, Serianna formed in late 2006 as merely high school friends with a bonded passion for heavy music. 

The lineup was solidified in 2009 when Chicago native Chris Nutting signed on as the band's front man.  Nutting quickly made his presence known contributing his raw and emotional vocal abilities and bringing Serianna to a previously unreached tier of musicianship.

Writing songs with a sound reminiscent of bands like August Burns Red and The Devil Wears Prada, Serianna set out to spread their music to anyone with an open mind and positive attitude.  Jumping at every opportunity afforded to them, the band began growing rapidly around the Midwest and have played shows with August Burns Red, Attack Attack, Miss May I, Misery Signals, Chiodos, The Color Morale, Of Machines, Before Their Eyes, In Fear and Faith, Born of Osiris, I The Breather, Bury Your Dead, Suicide Silence, Emarosa, Bless the Fall, I Wrestled a Bear Once, and more.  

Serianna’s efforts culminated in 2010 as they began work on their debut full length album, appropriately titled, "Inheritors". This marks the tenure of the band as they mesh the style and intensity of the music they grew up listening to with the originality and technicality Serianna has come to be synonymous with. 

Their hard work did not go unnoticed as Josh Grabelle (President / Bullet Tooth) tracked the band's progress on the demos and invited the band to partner with his label Bullet Tooth.  "We couldn’t be more excited to release this record with Bullet Tooth" drummer Chris Ferarro comments, "Over the last couple of months Josh has showed so much direction and interest in us that we’re positive Bullet Tooth is the perfect home for Serianna".  Tell us about your debut album and the journey on the way to this day.

Serianna This album is our first attempt as a full band to write a full length. We have all collectively written on each song, constantly pushing each others abilities from song to song. It took us over a year to fully record the album and we put everything we are, and everything we have into it. The journey to the release of Inheritors has been nothing short of impossible, and we have loved every second of it. It has proven to be one of the hardest things we have done as a band, we wouldn't want it any other way.   Lets go through some of the songs on the album.  can you touch on a few favorites...Fragments, the Rescue, Inheritors.  How they came about, anything special / stories about any of those, etc....

Serianna Fragments is a favorite of mine, simply because the lyrics are a testament to the entire album. It talks about how we are all fragments of a whole. That together, we as people can accomplish anything, big or small. The rescue is one of the first songs we actually wrote for the full length. We have matured a ton since we completed it, but we thought it was really cool to see our process for song writing grow. Inheritors is the title track to the album. As such it encompasses all of the tracks on the album. It was the final song that we wrote, and we spent a lot of time paying attention to detail. The song talks about how "we know we're not alone" yet some make decisions regardless of how they will affect others around them. This song is very fast, and very intense. It's filled with cool melodies, sweet rhythms, and tons of singing! I have no doubt that it represents our album very well.  How has the touring prior to the album release helped the band reach and establish a fan base?

SeriannaTouring prior to the release was life changing to say the least. It was great to get our feet wet, and get a taste for what life on the road is actually like. We got to meet a ton of cool bands, and even more amazing people. Word of mouth is one of the best tools to help promote our music, so even going to different cities and states to talk to kids and share out music with them was amazing. We can't wait to tour more!  Was it a challenge getting the fans into the songs which they may or may not have heard?

Serianna  Getting people to listen to something they have never heard before is always a challenge. Although we always seem to have really positive feedback during/after people have watched us play. We genuinely play with our hearts, and love for metalcore music, putting every once of energy and positive attitude into our live sets. I think it speaks volumes about our music, and work ethics as musicians. Which in the long run, helps us get people into our music, having never heard us before. Love or hate it, we truly love every person that has given us a chance, it means the world to us.


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1141 Days

RNC Music based in Italy introduced me to the soprano led metal band DEVA a few years back at the very early stages of their career. Since then, their debut album"Between Life and Dreams" has been released, has gotten some outstanding reviews, impressive chart positions, and the album is being released in several parts of the world by local metal labels in Asia and Europe. The album "Between Life and Dreams" is available for download as well worldwide at all retailers, including

We are offering new fans a chance to discover DEVA's debut for only $4.99. Click here to preview and download.

Here is the interview with the band, hope you enjoy.


Tell us about "DEVA" for the people that are just discovering you.

Deva mixes Progressive Metal with Gothic and Symphonic. In other words, we are trying to find a way through both modern and classical music, a new path that goes over the borders between genres. We have a soprano singer (classically trained) and a Rock / Metal line-up with electric guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. So what you can expect from the music of Deva is a mixture of stratified sounds, heavy riffs, soprano main vocals backed by more vocals, both male and female, space keyboards and much more…

Between Life and Dreams was released over 1 year ago.  Guide us through what the band has been through since then.

All began in our country (Italy), by releasing Between Life And Dreams in April 2010 via Orion’s Belt Records / RNC Music. Since then, we had reviews, interviews, articles, radio plays in a very great number of countries, something that we didn’t really expect with this first album and furthermore the album was licensed to several labels out of Italy and that’s also a great achievement.

Within a few months, our debut album reached North and South America and Australia with stunning reviews and a widespread digital distribution! Our last conquer is South Korea and Japan, where Between Life And Dreams will be soon released and distributed by Secretion Records. The interest and involvement of some important musical instruments brands gave ys also the idea that our work was leading us on the right path

What plans for the future?  Tour, 2nd album?

At the moment, we are writing new songs and recording pieces for a second album. We’ve learned so much after recording the first album and we definitely need to improve, always trying to do something better, also because the second album will have a stronger touch of progressive metal and, furthermore, we must deliver a good number of songs, so to have a wide range and choose the best, while the first album was just what it is.

Federico and Thomas are actually also working as authors of music manuals, for electric guitar and drums, with an important italian publishing company. But this is still Between Life And Dreams’ year, we shouldn’t talk about other albums until 2012…

You are gaining some momentum around the world.  I saw your track was having success on German radio, and your album will be released in many different parts of the world.  How does it make you feel to see so much progress for the first album?  

Well, as I mentioned before, I don’t really know how many good reviews we collected since the release of our album, I mean, I don’t even want to mention the countries they came from to avoid forgetting some of them, but it’s a great satisfaction.

You can imagine that when the embryo of Deva was started some of us were still teenagers and it took us a long time to deliver the first album just because we did everything on our own; you can imagine in the last 15 months, a record deal with a label, reviews from all over the world, licenses in different countries and consequently you have in your hand copies of your album manufactured in countries which are not yours, you can’t believe all that, is amazing!

Currently, "Fading From Here" is still at #1 on the Radio Mean Variation chart, after ten weeks! This is unbelievable for us! We are happy of the work done in the UK by Ravenheart and Soyuz in Russia and Ukraine, as well as the other labels involved so far, but I think that Ahha Music and Black Bone Records are doing a great job in Germany as they are really building up something you can perceive. All these progresses would have been otherwise impossible without the constant efforts of RNC Music, which works on a daily basis with labels and people from all over the world. I think that this is a good point in terms of globalization! Anyway, all that is happening gives us energy to keep working and develop. We know that this is the right time to improve our knowledge about music and ourselves as musicians and persons. There are many people who believe in us and we definitely don’t want to disappoint them.

What are your expectations moving forward with the album?

I’m really looking forward to see Between Life And Dreams published in South Korea and Japan, it’s a dream that becomes real. I’d like very much to reach also South America, where there’s an interest from a very important label, it would be great to reach the largest number of listeners there, since we already have many fans from that area!

We’re also working on a videoclip that will soon be released on all major web channels and some TV networks. We’re also thinking of re-recording some songs from Between Life And Dreams in a different way, probably using only symphonic instruments or maybe mixing electronic and classical… We love to find out different aspects of what our songs could sound, this is how Karma pt.0 was done and it’s a very inspiring practice for us!

Your sound is quite unique.  Can you name some of the bands that have influenced your sound and approach to creating music.

Many of the bands we always had in our minds as icons are probably not the right ones to compare our music with. There are a few, and of course it’s not difficult to come up with names such as Nightwish and Dream Theater, fathers of Soprano vocals into Power Metal (Nightwish) and Technical Progressive mixed up with Metal (Dream Theater).

After releasing Between Life And Dreams, we started discovering a lot of bands like Epica and Within Temptation… Even if we try to be a little bit more "architectural" as far as harmonies and time are concerned (odd signatures, frequent changes, etc.), we are absolutely aware that there are so many examples of great music in the world! Personally, we like to be as I said a little more complex: our songs don’t always follow the common rules of the "Pop Hit", they are normally appreciated, at least, after three or four you listen to it.

Influences also lie into the "Thrash section" of modern metal music: Metallica, Nevermore… We like very much that kind of sound, riffs, vocal lines. But don’t underestimate the role of classical composers! Our singer Beatrice got a deep classical training that deeply influences all of her musical choices as far as arrangements and vocal harmonization are concerned. We also love orchestrations and classical instruments (like Baroque Viol) and I think we are going to increase the presence of this elements in our future works.


Grazie a Nico Spinosa 



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1143 Days

Bullet Tooth Records is proud to announce a new Kid Liberty EP titled "GIVE UP. GIVE IN. to be released today on , and other online retailers.  We had the pleasure of speaking to singer Trey Sexton for an interview.


EP is available for $4.99 here


The band just wrapped up production with producer Geoff Rockwell (Memphis May Fire, Forever The Sickest Kids) and have 4 songs that will be available on the EP:

1) Give Me Alan Or Give Me Death

2) Fuck You (Cee Lo Green)

3) The Situation (Acoustic)

4) The Suspense Is Killing Me (Acoustic)

Singer Trey Sexton commented on the new EP saying, "It was honestly kind of scary to cover the Cee Lo Green song. The original is so good and everyone loves that song. We knew there was a possibility of butchering it, but it came out super fun.  The acoustic songs came out GREAT.  Very unexpected from us to be honest."

With the release of their debut album "Fight With Your Fists" on Bullet Tooth last year, the boys in Kid Liberty have built a strong fan base with each city they play. They are one of the hardest working bands in the music scene today, attaching a positive spin with their music and constant energy.


The band just wrapped up a string of US tours including the HELLS on WHEELS tour. Says Sexton, "We've been friends with the Kills and Thrills dudes forever so the whole thing was a shit fest. We were pretty nervous to do a headliner... It actually turned out great. Very surreal."

The touring experience for a band at the early stages of a career can be challenging to say the least. Trey commented that he has gotten really good at getting problems solved and helped the band get "out of horrible situations". "It's very important to have a good chemistry between the band mates while on tour".


With pop punk heavy weights Simple Plan and Weezer showcasing guests artists on their recent tracks, we asked Trey if Kid Liberty ever considered having a guest artist on their record. "Man... To be real about it if we could have anyone I'm sure we would try to get either a tough ass rapper or a country singer... Alan Jackson is the shit."


Trey's influences include New Found Glory, NOFX, Saves The Day, The Movielife, The Starting Line, RX Bandits, Mest, Goldfinger.. "The whole Drive Thru movement was killing it when I was younger.. Lots of great pop punk."


Cheers to Josh over at Bullet Tooth for hooking up this interview! 


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1150 Days

Pop Evil is the self proclaimed Best Thing to Come Out of Michigan Since The Automobile, and Kid Rock.  After much buzz and airplay on US radio, a featured song in this year’s National Hockey Playoffs, the band releases their album “War of Angels” on July 5.

We caught up with the band for an interview and have the album on sale for $8.99 for you to check out. Download it here  Congrats on an awesome new album.  Tell us about the new album vs. the first album.

Pop Evil This album is much heavier than our last effort.  We moved to Chicago with Johnny K our producer for five months and non stop worked on crafting these new songs.  We are excited to finally be able to share our new music with our fans.  I saw one of your songs on an NHL (National Hockey League) promo clip.  How did that come about?  Are you guys hockey fans?

Pop Evil We definitely are hockey fans.  I know management pitched our single to the network and they felt it fit the Playoffs perfectly.  It has been huge for the band and our single "Last Man Standing" is quickly becoming a sort of sports anthem.  On that note, your songs definitely contain a kind of driving force behind them that fit in with high intensity sports.   There are many songs out there that fans listen to before a football / hockey game to pump them up, etc…  Is that something you guys think of when writing or comes naturally.


Pop Evil No we definitely think about it but it wasn't the purpose for writing them.  Alot of those sports related songs were based on frustration with our old label and the music business in general.  That drive against adversity is just so relatable for most athletes.  I hear a few different influences in your music (Tool, etc…), while still maintaining your own sound. What are some bands that influence not necessarily your sound, but your overall outlook on being in a band and the lifestyle.

Pop Evil There are alot of bands that influence us in their own creative way.  We are very influenced by 80's Rock n Roll.  Motley Crüe and Poison to name a couple.  We r a very dynamic live band.  We love entertaining and the bands that bring it on stage.  There is nothing worse than being bored at a ROCK show.  We focus on our live show so fans will enjoy coming out to see us again and again!  Tell us about the artwork for the new album, it’s awesome!

Pop Evil Thank you.  The album art represents the struggle we have gone through trying to deal with our demons while making this album.  


Shout out to Bill Meis and Steve Seabury at eOne Metal for hooking up this interview.


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1155 Days


The iconic pioneers of melodic death metal, In Flames, unleashed their new album "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" on June 21 and it sent shockwaves across not only the metal world, but the music world in general. The album released on Century Media Records hit the Number 1 position in the official German Media Control Charts plus additional charts all over Europe.


Offered at for $8.99.  Click Here to download. had the great pleasure of speaking to guitarist, songwriter Björn Gelotte from his home in Gothenburg, Sweden while he was enjoying a BBQ with his family and lovely baby, who occasionally joined us in the conversation.


"Sounds Of A Playground Fading" is the first In Flames album without long time member Jesper Strömblad. "The band wrote all the music together before, so with Jesper out of the picture, we had to rethink a little bit what we were doing. I was never worried though as the band has been writing the music together for 15 years." Björn feels that Life after Jesper is not a new problem, and is something that the band has dealt with for a few years already.





Jesper has been replaced with Niclas Engelin. "Jesper never considered himself a great live guitar player. He was more a great songwriter. Niclas is a really great guitar player, so in that sense, it's a sort of an upgrade."

Fans of this genre will not be disappointed, as Björn explains, "The songs are very melodic driven with some experimental parts and more challenging parts in general. "The album features an interesting balance offering a wide range of themes and moods.

The track "The Puzzle" was one that bounced off the walls at first listen. ", that track was the song that took the longest to agree upon because of we had so many different ideas of how we wanted the chorus and vocals. It's hard to make fast songs interesting without doing the same thing as you've done in the past."


In Flames has been signed to some great labels such as Nuclear Blast, Candlelight, Regain Records and Koch Records. The new record is out on Century Media Records. When asked what difference the band felt with the new label, he replied "Musically, no difference at all. We've always been very strict with the labels that when it comes to the music, it's only the band that decides what we want to do. It's for our own sake - we knew we wanted to do this for a long time and did not want many different people producing and dictating the music for us. Otherwise, you don't do the music for your self anymore, and you don't stay true to your music. We play those songs 1000 times and we want songs that we like so we can play them with excitement each time! Century Media was very cool with that and they have been very flexible and looking into new ways to getting the music out there."


In a statement released to the media regarding the No. 1 position of the album, Antje Lange, Label manager of Century Media says "We are more than happy about this amazing result and would like to thank everybody for their share in this huge success.  A massive "thank you" goes out to you, the fans, who supported the band, believed in them and went out to buy the album instead of just downloading it from the internet for free."



The music industry has indeed changed since the first In Flames album was released in 1993. "Metal audiences has always been the most loyal you can have. But today you need to have more, you need to be in touch with your fans and have partners that are willing to try new ideas and Century Media is cool that way."Björn has embraced the new era and new relationship with the band. the fact that fans are getting more accostumed to have an interaction with the bands they like. "We always like to give back to our fans, they are reason that we can play around the world"



"My dad is a metal head and introduced me to some cool bands and then i discovered by own bands like Iron Maiden and so on. Some of my favorite albums are Rainbow's Rising, Human by Death and Somewhere in Time by Iron Maiden. Somewhere in Time was such an important album with the use of keyboards that not many metal bands had used before then. It was a huge influence on us and our sound, even though that's not Bruce Dickinson's favorite Maiden album lol".


Shout out to Aaron Arthurs who helped set up this interview.




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1165 Days

Montreal's Pop Punk band Simple Plan is releasing their new album on June 21 and enjoying continuing success on their fun, bouncing take on modern rock / pop punk. The new record features some interesting guests like Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and pop start Natasha Bedingfield. caught up with guitarist Sebastien Lefebvre from the band while they were on tour in Japan. The album is available for Pre-Order now. Tell us about the new album.

Sebastien Lefebvre:  There is much to tell about his new record. I feel like it's everything simple plan is good at. Everything you love about all the records made it to this one. The style and youth of the first album, the energy of the second album, and the deepness and modern touch of the third one. So in a way, it feels like a come back to what we used to do, but i don't think at all that this record could have come out 10 years ago for us. Every record has had it's purpose. We all feel it's our best record yet. If i had to stamp one word on it, it would be FUN. You have features with 2 big female stars Natasha Bedingfield and Quebec Star Marie-Mai.  How did those come about?


Sebastien Lefebvre:  We wrote that song as a duet in our quest to try new things. We loved the way it came out and we lived with a demo female vocal for almost a year... We then had a list of people we would love to work with and of course Natasha was on that list. We picked her because her voice is so powerful and she really delivered on the song. And she really liked the song when she heard it and wanted to be part of it. It seems like she could relate to the message. And as far as Marie-Mai is concerned, people around Quebec have been asking us for some time when would the first french SP song would come. For some reason, it felt right this time around. We didn't want to force it before or do one just because. When we looked at this song and figured we could have a french female singer on it, we took the opportunity to make this one the french song. Marie Mai is beautiful and talented, and awesome person and working with her was fun, easy, and made for a really cool version of the song. Many of your lyrics are a reflection of what "today" is for your core fans.  How do the lyrics and themes of your songs generally come to life?

Sebastien Lefebvre:  All the songs are really honest. It would be weird for us to sing about something we know nothing about. We feel it would come out bad. So we sing about things that happen to us or people around us. Jet Lag is a really good example or exactly how we feel sometimes touring as much as we do. Astronaut is about feeling lonely and how hard it can be to find the right person in life... Everyone goes through that. And many more like that Tell us about the experience of writing with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. How it came about, etc…

Sebastien Lefebvre:   We had heard that Rivers had started writing with people and being big fans of Weezer, we reached out to see if he wanted to write with us. We got together and wrote the song "Can't keep my hands off you". We thought it was a really cool fun song and wanted it to be on the record, so we asked him to sing on it and he said yes! It was a fun experience and the end result is the song you know. The Montreal scene is alive with talent on the music scene.  Can you compare the "Pop-Punk / Modern Rock" scene in Montreal with that of other bigger cities you have visited around the world?  (Namely New York, Tokyo, or pick a city you feel like answewring).

Sebastien Lefebvre:   Actually, i will pick no city. It seems like it matters less and less where you are from. With the internet, bands from all around the world are right there at the click of a button. Some of my favorite bands are from the USA, Australia, Sweden, the UK... In the past, there were phases where all the good bands came from the same place. But now, if it's good, it does not matter where you are from. I believe the biggest crowd you played in front of was at the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City that attracted 150,000 people.  What are the sizes of your crowds these days in different areas of the world?  

Sebastien Lefebvre:   For us, it's kind of all over the place and that's how we like it. It's fun that we get to play big arenas or festivals in Canada, Asia, Brazil, Australia... But we can still have some small sweaty club show in some places in Europe and USA sometimes... We get it all sort of, i feel lucky that we do. Every show is different and special. Is there a particular cause the SIMPLE PLAN Foundation is paying special attention to at the moment?

Sebastien Lefebvre:   The main focus of the foundation is youth. Weather it's dealing with illness, social trouble or promoting music as a way to stay in school and off the streets, we help out a lot of organizations that help kids around the world, Canada, and Quebec. We feel blessed and proud that we have distributed over 500 000$ since the start of the foundation in 2005... And still more good things to come this year, and in the next few. To make a difference in people's lives not only with music, but with a little more is an indescribable feeling. 

Thanks to Krista Hughes for hooking up this interview.






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1178 Days


Rock legends Def Leppard are back with their first ever live album Mirror Ball: Live & More, available TODAY, June 7th at - the Rock, Metal, Punk download site. The double disc album, which also contains a bonus DVD of live performances and behind the scenes footage, captures the group’s legendary concert experience, bringing together live versions of classic Leppard hits such as "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "Rock of Ages," "Foolin'," "Hysteria," "Photograph" and an incredible rendition of "Bringing on the Heartache." In addition, the band has also added three new studio tracks "Undefeated," "It’s All About Believin’" and "Kings of the World" — all of which are undeniably Leppard.

Mirror Ball: Live & More

Def Leppard is kicking off their massive 48 city summer tour on June 15th in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tickets for the Live Nation produced tour are on sale now at and (for a list of tour dates go to Joining Def Leppard for this highly anticipated tour are Seattle rock legends Heart

With more than 65 million albums sold worldwide and two prestigious Diamond Awards to their credit, Def Leppard--Joe Elliott (vocals), Vivian Campbell (guitar), Phil Collen (guitar), Rick "Sav" Savage (bass) and Rick Allen (drums)—continues to be one of the most important forces in rock music. Over the course of their career, the band has produced a series of classic groundbreaking albums that set the sound for generations of music fans and artists. The group’s spectacular live shows, filled with powerful melodic rock anthems, have become synonymous with their name. For the past thirty years the band’s concerts have become must-see events and have quickly made them and institution in the touring industry, as they continue to sell out arenas worldwide.

For more information go to





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RoadrunnerRecords unleashed the new album today by Southern Rockers, had a chance to chat with guitarist Ben Wells who is gearing up for the bands' upcoming tour that hits Germany, UK, and Austria in June 2011.

The first single from the new album "White Trash Millionaire" is enjoying success on radio and it's video features some classic cars from the heyday of the American automobile industry. States Ben, "I love classic cars! I actually own a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. I've always had a passion and interest in classic cars!"

With the first single off to a monster start, and the album receiving a great deal of industry hype, the band has high hopes for the record. "Our expectation level is always high for ourselves! We always set the bar high and that's what keeps us goin! We hope to play as Many great shows as we can!", says Ben.  The lyrical content of Black Stone Cherry normally contains a compelling story. Ben says "We just want to make all aspects of our songs interesting! From music and lyrics to melodies and everything! It makes it interesting!". He continues be siting some of the bands that he most enjoyed from a lyrical point of view. "Plenty of groups like Led Zeppelin, CCR, and lots of country and folk music had some great lyrics! It's always fun to have fun with your music"

Ben and co. are bringing their southern rock sound over the pod playing 2 dates in Germany, followed by 6 in the UK and ending off in Austria. "The southern rock vibe is what has made us interesting over there! They love it and really embrace it! People seem to latch on to our personalities and music"







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1184 Days

RoadrunnerRecords unleashed the new album today by Southern Rockers, had a chance to chat with guitarist Ben Wells who is gearing up for the bands' upcoming tour that hits Germany, UK, and Austria in June 2011.

The first single from the new album "White Trash Millionaire" is enjoying success on radio and it's video features some classic cars from the heyday of the American automobile industry. States Ben, "I love classic cars! I actually own a 1957 Chevy Bel Air. I've always had a passion and interest in classic cars!"

If I may say so, the overall sound and melodies on this album sound a little more refined and it gives a sense that there can be bigger and bigger successes coming from the band with the White Trash Millionaire single, and furthersingles.

How would you describe the expectation levels for this record and the upcoming tour dates compared to when you released the previous records? 

With the first single off to a monster start, and the album receiving a great deal of industry hype, the band has high hopes for the record. "Our expectation level is always high for ourselves! We always set the bar high and that's what keeps us goin! We hope to play as Many great shows as we can!" The lyrical content of Black Stone Cherry normally contains a compelling story. Ben says "We just want to make all aspects of our songs interesting! From music and lyrics to melodies and everything! It makes it interesting!". He continues be siting some of the bands that he most enjoyed from a lyrical point of view. "Plenty of groups like Led Zeppelin, CCR, and lots of country and folk music had some great lyrics! It's always fun to have fun with your music"

Ben and co. are bringing their southern rock sound over the pod playing 2 dates in Germany, followed by 6 in the UK and ending off in Austria. "The southern rock vibe is what has made us interesting over there! They love it and really embrace it! People seem to latch on to our personalities and music"




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(May 10, 2011.  Montreal, Canada) – Zakk Wylde has been one of the most talked about rock guitarists in the last few weeks, and throughout his career going back to his remarkable stint with Ozzy Osbourne. Fresh off his mind-blowing performance on "American Idol" on April 13, 2011, the guitar god then appeared on the hit late night talk show "Lopez Tonight". Today, he releases a new album with Black Label Society entitled "THE SONG REMAINS NOT THE SAME".

Zakk took some time on release day of his new record to speak to for a phone interview.


Buyers who purchase the album on are entered to win an exclusive Black Label Society prize pack which includes a signed CD, limited edition "Order of the Black" set, and t-shirt. Go Here to BUY the album download and enter the contest.


The new album offering features unplugged versions of material from Black Label Society’s latest album, ORDER OF THE BLACK, as well as additional material recorded during the ORDER OF THE BLACK sessions. Explains Zakk, "The new record came about as I was sitting around the studio toying on the piano and on an acoustic. When I start writing, i'll start with a new melody and use the lyrics from an existing song. The outcome was quite nice. So I thought it would be cool to record these and release them and have some fun with them."

The concept and title "THE SONG REMAINS NOT THE SAME" came from the messing around with the songs. "It's not so much that it's an unplugged record, meaning, they're not just a acoustic versions of different songs. For many of the songs, the only thing that's similar are the actual lyrics, but the rest is different. It's the reason i got the album title - the song remains, but it's not the same."

The album has a kind of road trip record feel to it, the type you'll put on when you need a break from the heavy stuff. "That's what we used to do with Ozzy to get through the 22 hours of being on a tour bus. We used to make a compilation of the more mellow songs we liked and relaxed"


During a previous interview done with Nick Cantese, aka Evil Twin, the discussion with him was how he saw his role in the band. From Zakk's point of view,

"I always say if Black Label Society are the Rolling Stones, then I'm Keith and Nick is Ronnie. Thats the perfect analogy. We love jamming, hanging out and i love him like my little brother - that's why we call him Evil Twin. My right hand man."


The recent "Black Label Berzerkus" tour showcased Zakk Wylde not only as a guitar monster but also as a gifted rock pianist. The Song Remains Not the Same record carries over that thought with many songs featuring the piano as the lead instrument. "I started playing piano before guitar - or about the same time. We were taking lessons with my sister, and she kept taking lessons and i just thought myself, chords, then scales, and so on."

The piano also provides for a change in the song writing. "It's a great tool for writing. You won't write "Ain't Talkin' About Love" on a piano. Eddie Van Halen wrote that cause he had a wall of Marshall's blasting, the pedals, etc.... When you got a blasting guitar sound it makes you want to write Sabbath riffs, Zep riffs, cool riffs. On a piano, it makes you want to write more mellow type stuff."



"Now that I did American Idol, I joke and tell kids not to call me "legend" anymore, or "icon", I prefer going with "Idol" lol!" Zakk explains how Chris Jericho, the wrestling star and a Black Label brother helped in making it happen.  "Chris was doing Dancing with the Stars. While I was roasting his balls about that on the phone, he was sitting in the "Dancing with the Stars" TV studio which was right next to the American Idol studio - where he was hanging with James Durbin - a big Ozzy and Black Label Society fan.

James Durbin was explaining to Jericho that American Idol gave him permission to sing the "Heavy Metal" song by Sammy Hagar and it would be cool if Zakk would go by and jam one day. "So Chris called me up, I went down to the studio, met up with James and before you knew it, I was on the show. That's how fast it went."

He seemed to have enjoyed the experience. "I got a chance to kiss J-Lo on the cheek - mind you she got an infection and they had to rush her to the emergency room - but everything was cool! lol kidding...."

Watch Zakk Wylde's performance on American Idol:



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1227 Days

Free Reign is certainly one of the more intimidating-looking heavy metal bands currently on the scene.  And with good reason, as three of the four band members are players in the National Football League.

Comprised of two Dallas Cowboys (singer Marc Colombo and bassist Leonard Davis) and a Miami Dolphin (drummer Cory Procter), Free Reign is rounded out by a non-footballer, guitarist virtuoso Justin Chapman, and have issued a pair of hard-hitting releases thus far, 2010's 'Tragedy' and 2011's 'Heavier Than Metal'.

'Heavier Than Metal' releases on April 19th, 2011, and for one week starting Monday, April 18th, 2011 purchase the Free Reign release exclusively on Rock, Metal, Punk Download site for $6.66 Here.

The group has already won an award at the Golden God Awards [for "Most Metal Athletes"] and are making believers out of such headbanging notables as Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), and Zakk Wylde.
Don't say you haven't been warned about the power of Free Reign!

Here is the interview.  Let's start form the beginning.  How did you guys together to reach this point with an album being released?  Give us a bit of history of the band, etc...

Cory Procter:  Originally, this story begins with two wolves, adventurous and cunning. Their names were Cory and Marc or Fire and Ice as many like to call them. They were discussing many fine things in the world when destiny took hold and guided their futures into a new direction! Marc and I started a 2 man jam that took flight when we discovered that Leonard owned a bass guitar and showed interest in being part of our self proclaimed lords of the land. We actually played a few charity gigs for fellow teammates and began performing and having a lot of fun. We were still very garage bandish until Justin joined as our lead guitarist. Justin and Leonard actually grew up together so he fit in naturally with the guys and brought excellent musicianship and song ideas to the band. It was then when we started forming as a real band without knowing it. We played one show and that's when everything took off! Since then we started taking it more seriously and trying to develop our skills.  How long have each of you been playing your respective instruments?

Cory Procter:  I've been in the percussion section since I began band in elementary school. I had my first kit in the 7th grade and have been playing off and on till we began the band in 2007. That's when my passion for music really took off again. Marc has been playing guitar since college and was in a couple bands while in Chicago. Justin began guitar in high school and has developed into a great musician and has excellent songwriting abilities. Leonard actually began playing the bass just a few years ago and has come a long way. He takes lessons every week and is dedicated to practicing and getting better.  As far as the song writing goes, was it an on going process or was it banged out in a few scheduled writing sessions?

Cory Procter:  I guess you could say it was a little of both. It always starts with initial guitar riffs/songs put together mostly by Justin. We'll each try to put our own pieces to it until we come together and hash out where we think the song wants to go and what it needs. All of this takes place until we go into the studio and our producer, Alex Gerst, whips us into shape and has some great ideas/input as to what is cool and what isn't.  What was the recording experience, and the whole experience been like for you?

Cory Procter:  At first it was very nerve racking to me because you feel very naked and you're wondering what everyone is thinking on every note. I eventually calmed down and became very comfortable. It wasn't until then that I really relaxed and started laying down better grooves and coming up with better ideas. Our producer, Alex Gerst, is also a drummer at heart so he was able to help me a lot with what fit the riff and helping me become better as a drummer overall.  It's great that you guys are releasing this record.  Aside from the upcoming shows, are there future plans for the band?

Cory Procter:  We always have a general plan but it's hard to secure much because of our football careers and the time it demands. After we've all completed our football careers we'd like to keep moving forward and write more as a band and see where this ride could take us!  Were there any other football players you guys had in mind to ask to be in the band?

Cory Procter:  No. Honestly, this whole thing happened very organically and wasn't pushed at all. We've had a lot of fun and have a real passion for music and playing on stage.  You guys have taken on the metal scene with this album.  Now, if you had to pick a metal band to play football against and get some nice tackles in, who would you get a kick out of playing?

Cory Procter:  I would have to say Slipknot because they have good numbers in the band which would help them compete against us! Although we have Leonard on our team and we could all just hide behind him and use him like a bulldozer! Slipknot wouldn't have chance.  Let's get some musical tastes in from you.  Can you name a few of your favorite records growing up?

Cory Procter:  I've always liked metal/rock because it goes well with sports but I also love country music as well! When I was younger I mostly listened to George Strait or Alabama. When I got into sports I started listening to a lot more rock and metal. Started with Metallica (In justice for all, the Black album) and ranged to many others; Korn (issues, follow the leader), Slipknot (slipknot, wait and bleed, spit it out), Disturbed (the sickness), Limp Bizkit (significant other). These were just some of the awesomeness I listened to.


Cheers to Chip Ruggieri for hooking this up.



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1239 Days

Death Metal artist Obscura is releasing the highly anticipated " Omnivium" album on March 29.  Singer and guitarist Steffen Kummerer offered an in depth, song by song description.  We are proud to offer the album download at the lowest price online - a very metal price $6.66!  

Check out the Obscura artist page & Click Here to Pre-order / Buy the Omnivium album for $6.66.


Obscura – Omnivium
Track by track details for, by Steffen Kummerer.


The opener was written by Christian Muenzner, Hannes Grossmann and myself and was actually planned as last song on the album. When we started to get into the first sketches of a tracklist we thought it could be an interesting idea to come up with the acoustic intro of the song to gain a less stressfull start into the album rather than starting with a blast from second one. Especially the diversity and different directions of the whole composition are manifold. Especially the guitar solo is a something out of the box and sounds very very 80ies.

Vortex Omnivium
For me this tune is the essence of Obscura and every single part of our signature band sounds got it's own spot. The neoclassic approach fits very well to the compact song structure and the almost chorus-like memorable vocal line. The main work on this tune was written by Christian Muenzner who managed to create a song that breathes Obscura in it's full intensity. The break within half of the song is an interesting new side of the band that is included to all of the links to the previous album 'Cosmogenesis'. You can see this song as a bridge between both records.

Ocean Gateways
As I love links between all of our work, music, artwork & photos for example, 'Ocean Gateways' relay to 'Nothing' the second song of our debut album from 2004. A very heavy groover with a tiny break up in the middle seciton. This tune will definately included to our live set, so the crowd gets some less technical audible food within longer sets. In the end a very special song for our band and thankfully to our wrists not on 250 bpm.


Euclidean Elements
A very well composed and almost neoclassic composition that breathes the spirit of 'Universe Momentum'. I guess especially the guitar work is very special and an interesting tune for the shredders at home and post their videos on YouTube. I am looknig forward to play this wonderfull song live and hope all of the many details can shine through the live mix.

Prismal Dawn
With this song we go on in our tradition to write tech death half ballads as we did with 'Hymn to a nocturnal Visitor' & 'Incarnated' on the previous albums. Unfortunaltey the song turned out into a monster and the song structure is very different to our previous work. It starts with some Opeth vibes and ends with blastbeat blitzkrieg at 250 bpm and features 46 different vocal lines. I am very glad to have a diverse song like this on 'Omnivium'.

Celestial Spheres
An almost new field for our band is the song 'Celestial Spheres' that is inspired by piano related composition of Aziza Mustafa Zadehs and shows another influence of our whole sound. The improvised bass solo on this album, the unbelievable guitar lead and the less use of death metal vocals are the points that shine through.

One of my personal favourites on this album in general. This composition is a combination of a few strong influences from my side that just a few may know. The swansong of Emperor, Prometheus, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra included to the fields of Obscura will sound exactly like 'Velocity'. The dark and black feeling of this composition with four different rhythm guitars plus leads, cracked up with an outstanding guitar lead and several diverse drum patterns make this a very special song that noone had in mind for a new Obscura album.

A Transcendental Serenade
This may be the most unique instrumental we have ever written and showes our prog, shred & neoclassic metal influences. Especially the 7-string guitars get your guts and drag you down into a whirlwind of sweeps and almost hypnotic riffs and interludes. The combination of extremely slow riffing with the use of minor chords combined with the other side of the extreme, the 260 bpm blasts gives the second half of the song a monumental feeling. Very interesting for those who are into progressive metal in general.

The beginning of Aevum seems to be almost Swedish and the addition of the acoustic guitars underlines once more the natural approach of the instruments. The heavy and groovy sections get along with the upbeat and high speed parts and melt into a slow and mean out fading enigma that let you go with your twisted mind after almost 55 minutes of tonal information.






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1255 Days

Atlantic Records recording group Halestorm has unveiled their upcoming new EP!  “ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP” will arrive at on March 22nd.  Physical CD versions of the EP will be available exclusively at and at Halestorm’s live shows.

“ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP” sees Halestorm putting their unique stamp on a diverse collection of classic songs, including tracks by Guns N’ Roses, The Beatles, Heart, Temple Of The Dog, Skid Row, and Lady Gaga.

Acclaimed as one of modern hard rock’s most explosive live acts, Halestorm was by frontwoman Lzzy Hale and her brother, drummer Arejay Hale, when they were just 13 and 10 years old (respectively). Halestorm has made its bones as a major league hard rock outfit via countless North American gigs alongside such like-minded artists as Shinedown, Seether, Flyleaf, and Trapt. caught up with the members of Halestorm and had a chat about their EP of covers.  See the interview below!

Download the EP Here for $5.74.  View the Halestorm artist page Here .

INTERVIEW:  Tell us about the new release, what spawned it and the song
selection process.

We decided to do a cover Ep because we knew this album cycle was winding
down and we wanted to have some music to keep all of our awesome fans
entertained while we are working on our new album. The song selection
was fun. We put together a HUGE list of songs that we would enjoy
covering and started narrowing it down from there. We also had a poll on
our website where fans could choose which song they wanted, thats how
the Lady GaGa 'Bad Romance' song got selected.  Sounds like you guys had fun with these songs.  Any plans to play
any of them live?

Halestorm:  We had such a blast recording this. We did a song a day. It was a great
relaxed experience. We are definitely playing some of them live. Come
out to the Avalanche tour this spring to hear some.
  Are there any songs that you particularly wanted to cover but did
not get the ok from the rest of the band?

Halestorm:  Each of us had our favorites that didn't make it. There was some
Metallica and Aerosmith songs that we might have to do on another cover
EP sometime in the future. A sequel maybe. ReAniMate Part Deux.  When I heard the EP, it just re-affirms the notion that a good
melody goes a long way, regardless of the style of music, arrangement, etc....  It seems some mainstream music today is written first with the sounds and style in place, and melody comes later.

Halestorm:  Definitely. A great melody shines through just about anything.  Your own songs have strong melodies in place - describe your general
writing process.

Halestorm:  There are so many ways to skin the songwriting cat. Most of the time it
starts with Lzzy, then she brings it to the rest of us. Songs have been
written by us in a room jamming. We have worked with other songwriters.
Sometimes it starts with a guitar riff or a cool drum beat. Once we have
the foundation we start the demo process. That way we can hear what it
sounds like through speakers and start tweaking every part.    Are there any of your songs that you would get a kick of hearing
another band cover?  What song, what artist?

Halestorm:  Yes, that would be awesome! Wouldn't it be great if Justin Beiber
covered 'I Get Off"?!?!
We have seen a bunch of our songs covered by people who put videos up on
YouTube. Its awesome. Its a great feeling to know that other people are
dissecting your music and expressing themselves through it. I would love
to hear a country version of 'Better Sorry Than Safe'. It would be cool
to hear Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam do up one of our rock songs. I
don't even care which one.  You are touring a lot these days.  Have there been any writing
sessions for new material.

Halestorm:  We have been writing our butts off. We have a whole bunch of new songs
written. We even went to LA on a break and recorded two brand new songs.
They will probably be for the new record. We're getting close to
recording the rest. Maybe after the Avalanche tour....


Thanks to Krista at Warner for hooking up this interivew.


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1302 Days

Relapse Records' death metal band Abysmal Dawn released their third album Leveling the Plane of Existence on Feb. 1, 2011. had the opportunity to interview guitarist / vocalist Charles Elliott. is proud to offer the ABYSMAL DAWN album for the lowest price online, $6.66. Click Here to BUY


Interview.  Tell us about the new album.

Charles Elliott: This is our third album and second for Relapse Records. We definitely feel it’s our strongest record to date on many levels. It was written at a very hard time in my life but great things come out of adversity I think. I’m really proud of all the hard work that went into this record. At times I actually thought it would never be done. It is though now, and I know it’s good because I haven’t gotten tired of listening to it myself yet. That’s an unusual feeling for me because usually we’ll record an album and I’ll hate it by the time it comes out (laughs).  How did the song writing take place for this album?

Charles Elliott: We had demoed two songs with a drum machine after our original drummer left. We wanted to sort of show people what we were looking for in his replacement. We had a guy for a while but when we finished the touring cycle for "Programmed to Consume" we were short a guitarist and drummer again.

At that point we started writing for the record without a drummer and just as a two piece. I’d work on arranging songs in a program called Guitar Pro, just getting the rough song and drum arrangements down. Mike would send me a few riffs as well to incorporate into songs and would work on his bass lines at home. Scott came down from San Francisco, after Paul from Origin recommended him, and tried out a second time for us. This time he just nailed everything though and we realized we should have picked him in the first place. He stayed with me for the next two months or so finishing out the writing of the record. We wrote the other half of the album just feeling out things in the rehearsal room mostly like we used to do. Some of the best and catchiest songs were written that way I think. Scott of course added his own flavor to the songs we demoed with a drum machine earlier as well.  You made use of "non-traditional" death metal instruments like piano and percussion on this new record, albeit brief. Are there other instruments that you would see yourself incorporating into your songs in the future?

Charles Elliott: Sure! Whatever we feel like using really. We aren’t afraid to experiment a little especially if the song calls for it. We listen to a lot of different styles of music but we’re primarily an extreme metal band of course. "The Age of Ruin" for example reminds of something that could have come off Philip Glass’ "Glass Works" or something like that. We had a little bit of stuff like that on "Programmed…" as well. It’s just tough having stuff like that and pull it off in a live setting. Who knows though that might change in the future if we’re into it.  The artwork for both your albums is extraordinary. How important is the artwork to you guys and how much of a role does it play into the creative process of the songs?

Charles Elliott: Well the artwork comes after the music is done so I wouldn’t say it’s part of the creative process. Having great artwork is important to me though and I feel like it affects the vibe of a whole record. I still buy CDs so having that complete package is important when you want to immerse yourself in a record.

People are really missing out on what it means to really enjoy a record now that people can just download a million bands for free. When you buy a release you really like, sit down with the artwork, and read along with the lyrics, I feel that’s the most rewarding listening experience.  My personal 2 favorites on this album are "The Sleeper Awakens" and "In Service of Time". Tell us more about those 2 songs.

Charles Elliott: I sort of debated on whether "The Sleeper Awakens" should even be an Abysmal Dawn song at first. I started writing it with the intent of forming a doom metal project at one point. That never came to fruition though and the guys really liked it and wanted to try something different. It’s funny because I know a lot of people that really like that song but other people could totally do without it. It’s actually Erik Rutan’s favorite song and it’s sort of ironic that one of the brutalist people on the planet would be into the mellowest song on the record.

"In Service of Time" came together really quickly. I just started jamming that main riff with Scott in the studio and Mike had few riffs lying around that we ended up using as well. It’s just an immediately catchy song that makes you want to bang your head and get into the groove of it right away.  On the new tour, how much of the material from the first album will make it’s way on to your set list?

Charles Elliott: The majority of our set is going to be all new stuff. We’re really proud of this material and want to promote the hell out of it. That and we’re kind of tired of playing the old material since we toured so much (laughs). It’s stuff that’s meant to be played live as well you know? There’s an energy in these songs that really come across in front of an audience.  Any bands that you are particularly excited to be sharing the bill with on the scheduled dates so far?

Charles Elliott: All of them, although I’m not too familiar with Conducting From The Grave’ music. They’d probably say the same about us though so it’s cool (laughs). I know it going to be a killer tour since it’s such an awesome and diverse package. Yet I think all the bands really fit well together. Hope to see all our fans at the shows again since it’s been a while. Be sure to get there early since we’re going on first most every night!

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Thanks to Pat, Bob, and Betsey at Relapse for hooking up the interview.



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1302 Days

It's been 5 years since we heard new material from Colorado's Thrash Metal headbangers Immortal Dominion, but the wait will soon be over.  The "Primortal" comes out at all retailers March 22, 2011.  However, is proud to offer the release exclusively 1 week prior!  Click here to to download album for the special low price of $6.66 (sale ends March 22).

To celebrate the launch we caught up wtih guitarist Brian Villers for an interview and chat about the new album.  Tell us about the new album. 


Brian Villers:  Our new album "Primortal" is the greatest musical expression that we've ever achieved.  It is full of catchy choruses, heavy riffs, and great guitar solos.  I am very proud of it.  Any songs in particular that you think people will react to? 

Brian Villers:  I think "Deity Definer" will find a large audience.   We are already getting reactions from "Reanimated", and my favorite song on the album "Become Wise" has been turning heads, for its diversity and groove.  The Album was produced by Sterling Winfield who is best known for his work with Pantera and Mercyful Fate.  How was the working experience with Sterling?  What do you find he brought to the record? 

Brian Villers:  Sterling was great.  He came in and started tearing apart the songs, helping us with song structure and even lyrics.  We all really clicked, and we were able to re-write some of the songs together which I have never done before with someone who is not a band member.  This album is less death metal and touching more on Thrash Metal than your previous albums.  What lead to that direction? 

Brian Villers:  I think it was just a natural evolution.  We didn't set out to do that but as the songs were being written I noticed there was less death metal sounding riffs.  Maybe it is a reflection of what we are going through in our personal lives.  You guys have been around for 12 years, and have 4 releases.  What are your expectations for this record? 

Brian Villers:  We plan on breaking further into the national scene.  I would like to land on some more films- the TEETH movie really got us some national attention.  Next step world domination!  What are your Tour plans? 

Brian Villers:  We are working on some stuff with some of the summer fests, and supporting some national acts.  We will keep you posted.  We usually ask artists for some of their favorites.  In your case, what are your 4 favorite thrash metal albums?

Brian Villers:  I would have to say if I can only pick 4:

Testament- The New Order
Laaz Rockit- Annihilation Principle
M.O.D. - Gross Misconduct
Kreator- Extreme Aggression


Shout out to Chip Ruggieri for hooking up this interview.  Visit Chipster PR & Consulting, Inc. at




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1304 Days

Metal Blade Records'  artist Lazarus A.D. unleashed their 2nd studio album "Black Rivers Flow" today (Feb. 1, 2011).  The album has all the makings of a Thrash Metal classic.  Singer Jeff Paulick and the band released their debut "The Onslaught" in March 2009 and have since been touring with the likes of  Testament, Unearth, Slayer, Judas Priest, Megadeth and more. is proud once again to have the exclusive low price of $6.66 for this new release.  We caught up with singer / bassist Jeff Paulick for an inside scoop of the album and update on the band.


Interview.    With all due respect to your impressive first album “THE ONSLAUGHT”, this album shows more maturity.  I also hear more of your own sound emerging on songs like “Casting Forward”, “American Dreams”, “Eternal Vengaence”. 

What played the biggest role in the outcome of the songwriting and overall sound on this new album?

Jeff Paulick:  We went through a lot of really hard times during the creation of this record that put us all in some really dark places. We used a lot of that to write the lyrics this time around. The overall theme puts a lot of emphasis on personal struggle. Life throwing you into bad situations that ultimately must be conquered in order to move on. They also show a dark road that this world is heading down.

The title track offers light around the BP oil spill in the Gulf but has an even deeper meaning towards self preservation and the future of life as a whole. There are a lot of metaphors and analogies, but the hardships of struggle and overcoming the odds is really where this album falls into place lyrically.  I read that you guys wrote must of The Onslaught while in high school.  When was the material for the new album written?

Jeff Paulick:  We took 10 weeks after the Kreator tour, wrote pretty much the entire record musically. We hit the studio in the summer, wrote a majority of the vocals and solos in there. We were in the studio for about 7 weeks. It was a great process, and we are really excited to get this material out.  The vocal duties were shared by yourself and guitarist Dan Gapen this time around.  How did that decision come about?

Jeff Paulick:  We always felt our musical abilities were pretty good, and we never found an actual singer for the band. I started singing for the time being, and just ended up landing the spot because we had nothing better. Dan can sing damn well, and I can sing too. We tried a lot of things in the studio and went with what worked for us and what made the song sound better.

In My Opinion, it turned out great, it made certain parts of the songs take on a whole new life, and it gave us confidence in what we can achieve vocally as well. It’s going to carry on in our future musical efforts, and I'm really excited to hear all the criticisms and praises.  Have you tried that out live as of yet (you and Dan on vocals)?

Jeff Paulick:  We played a couple of shows around Wisconsin recently and it sounded great. We really try to complement each other on stage. Even Alex sings during the live show. We really want to be one of those bands that blows you away live.  You guys tour non stop.  How do you find it helped (or not) in bringing the band closer together as a unit? 

Jeff Paulick:  As a band you get tighter musically playing a ton of shows in different cities all over the world. As people you really get to know the guys you are touring with when you live in such tight quarters for months at a time.  The 2nd album from an artist is always regarded as make or break and all that good stuff.   Can you think of 1-2 of your favorite “2nd albums” from any of your favorite bands?  (ie: Maiden’s Killers, Van Halen II, Testament’s The New Order, etc….)

Jeff Paulick:  I would say Maiden’s Killers, Van Halen II, Testament’s The New Order, and then some. There are just too many great second albums to list. The whole second album curse is just something people say when an album sucks.

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Cheers to Sarah Lutz and Metal Blade Records for organizing the interview and special promotion.





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